Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update on Kaitlyn and Grayson

It has been quite a while since I have posted. I never knew that life could get quite so crazy with twins. I am still working on updating this blog to include all the ups and downs we went through while the twins were in the NICU.

We had a great Christmas with all the kids and Kaitlyn and Grayson both enjoyed learning how to open presents. Of course, they were more excited about the boxes, bows and paper than they were about the actual gifts. They were both enamored over the Christmas tree lights and Grayson was very disappointed when the tree was taken down after the New Year.

They are both finally starting to sleep through the night most of the time. I keep telling Karl that maybe by the time they are in Kindergarten that they will both be sleeping through the night all the time. LOL

Kaitlyn has an appointment on February 4th at Children's Hospital for a barium swallow test. They think she may have a restriction in her esophagus that is causing her to choke easily. Grayson has an appointment with an ENT specialist at Children's on February 21st. He will more than likely have to have tubes in his ears.

The babies are both still staying with my mom and they are very attached to both my mom and my dad.

Kaitlyn is still wearing her glasses and she now has to wear a patch for at least two hours a day on her right eye. Her left eye is weak and we are trying to make her use it more by wearing the patch.

I am amazed every day at how big they are getting. I thank God every day for giving us these two miracle babies. They bring joy and laughter to everyone they come in contact with. People seem to be amazed at how great they are doing after all they have gone through.

Grayson is my little trader man. If Kaitlyn has something that he wants he will try to get her to trade with him for something else. One day he traded her a cookie crumb for a toy he wanted. at first Kaitlyn was agreeable to all the trading but lately she has started to fight back and not give in so easily to him.

People still stop us and ask us that famous question "Are they twins?" Part of me wants to say "Here's your sign.", but I usually just answer "Yes, they are." Karl wants to tell them "No, they are not twins, they are 3 months apart." LOL I also can't get over the question of "are they natural?" Of course they are natural babies you idiot, if they are not does that make them "unnatural"? Of course what they mean is did we use fertility drugs. To me that is a very personal question. Of course the answer is no but I really don't think it is the right of a perfect stranger to ask that question.

Also, I hear all the time, "Well, my sister's, best friend's, cousin had a preemie that was born 3 weeks early and they didn't have to spend any time in the hospital." Well, my babies were born 14 weeks early and they are "true preemies". If they had not stayed in the hospital they wouldn't be here today. Also, "My cousin's, boss' daughter's baby only weighed 5 lbs when she was born and they let her come home at 3 days old." Well, my babies weighed 2 lbs and 2 lbs 3 oz so to me a 5 lb baby is large. My babies didn't weigh 5 lbs until they were 3 or 4 months old. There is just no comparison and I realize now that if a person has not been personally involved in the fight for life a preemie goes through then they just don't get it and it is sometimes pointless to try and explain it to them.

I will get off my soapbox now. LOL

I will try to post Christmas pictures here in the next few days. You will not believe how big they are now.

Please continue to remember Kaitlyn and Grayson in your prayers over the next few weeks as they go for these tests at Children's. Without prayer they never would have made it this for.

We give all thanks to our Father in heaven for the continued health of not only our babies but also for our other three boys.

Love in Christ


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