Friday, July 14, 2006

Update on Kaitlyn and Grayson

Time for an update.

Kaitlyn had surgery for NEC (necrotizing entercolitis - an infection of the bowels) on June 1st, 2006 when she was only 6 days old. She has an ileostomy which I hope will be re-connected before she goes home. The surgeon removed 10 centimeters of her small intestine. She lost down to 1 lb 5 oz before she started doing better. I was so afraid that we were going to lose her. She was one sick little girl. She was sent to a children's hospital for the surgery and had to stay there for 5 weeks. She also had a PDA ligation when she was 3.5 weeks old. She is now back at the same hospital with her brother.

The traveling back and forth to Birmingham every day is really starting to wear me down. Especially now that we are going back and forth between two hospitals. It is a 3 1/2 block walk. We walk as to save money on the parking charges.

The twins were in the same nursery for 3 days when Kaitlyn was confirmed with MRSA and sent to the RNICU for the remainder of her hospital stay. MRSA is a staph resistant infection. Kaitlyn is not infected but she is a carrier. We have to gown and glove to go and see her and touch her which really sucks. Kaitlyn also has bilateral hydronephrosus (sp?), which is a problem with her kidneys. After many days on the ventilator, CPAP and nasal canalous she is now breathing room air on her own. As of this morning she is 2 lbs 8.5 oz, OG (Oral gastro tube - a feeding tube that goes down the throat) 23 cc's of breast milk (30 ccs = 1 oz) every 3 hours and doing great!

Grayson was diagnosed with a grade II IVH, VDS and PDA. His PDA was treated with medication. The doctors are not concerned about the IVH as it was small as is the VDS. Grayson also has hydronephrosus. He has more apnea problems than Kaitlyn. The NICU nurses attribute this to "wimpy white boy syndrome". He is breathing own his own at 22% oxygen. As of this morning he is 3 lbs, OG 26 ccs of breast milk every 3 hours and doing great.

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